Dress the Part for International Fairy Day

International Fairy Day (24th June) is held when the human and fairy worlds are thought to be at their closest. Celebrated close to the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year – Midsummer is considered a magical time. Once upon a time, fairies were thought to contact humans during Midsummer.

Sending wishes to these kind-hearted fairies will excite your child’s imagination and creativity. So, dress your little ones in our handmade fairy dresses and throw a tea party with Lucy Locket 'Fairy Tale' Metal Tea Set and Case. You’ll create magical memories they’ll treasure for years.


Amazing Fairy Dresses

Imagine their smiles when they first see their handmade fairy dress. Having different dresses to choose from means siblings no longer need to argue over the same costume.

We’re confident your child’s imagination will be inspired when dressing up in their special new fairy outfit. So, welcome in Midsummer by telling magical stories. And, be sure to leave flower buds or rose petals for these magical creatures!

It’s not just little fairies who will enjoy International Fairy Day! You can expect early bedtimes after a day of fresh air whilst exploring the park, woodland or garden in search of pixies, sprites and other fairy folk.

National Fairy Day

Forget ‘One Size Fits All’ Costumes

We appreciate that your aspiring fairy needs to feel free when moving in their costume. No one likes to feel uncomfortable in what they’re wearing - especially when searching for fairies.

Our range of sizes caters for their current stage of development. There are infant, baby and toddler sizes for growing bundles aged 12 months and 24 months. Proud grandparents will reach for their camera to photograph the Apple Blossom and Dainty Butterfly designs within this range.

With three adorable designs available for children aged 3, 4 or 6 years, why not ask them to choose their favourite from the Apple Blossom, Poppy and Lilac options? Just don’t forget to say ‘cheese’!

Encourage their Imaginations

Looking to hold a spellbinding party for your kids and their friends this International Fairy Day?

Our exciting Fairy Collection includes:

Each enchanting product can be used alone – or combined with our dresses – to encourage your child’s creativity during playtimes and International Fairy Day. They make great gifts for them and their friends’ birthdays whatever the time of year, as make-believe play is so important for young children.

Our majestic fairy wings also offer budding fairies (over 36 months) the perfect sparkly accessory. Elasticated straps make putting these wings on and off a breeze. Some designs even include a fairy wand for aspiring fairy Queens, Kings, tooth fairies and fairy godmothers.

Treat your little fairies by organising an International Fairy Day they won’t forget. Browse our online shop to secure their fairy dress and pretend play accessories. Contact our elves at info@kids-iz.com with any questions you may have -  although we can’t reveal the fairies are hiding this year.