Apple Blossom Fairy Dress

by Lucy Locket

This absolutely gorgeous Apple Blossom themed fairy dress is perfect for children who love to play whimsical make believe games.

What makes me special?
  • LUXURY APPLE BLOSSOM FAIRY COSTUME FOR KIDS: Handmade with beautiful shimmering organza and soft net. Available in ages 3, 4, 6 years.
  • FEATURES ADORABLE ORGANZA AND SOFT NET WINGS IN SOFT PINK AND GREEN: Embellished with sparkly sequins these adorable fairy wings are very magical!
  • SHIMMERING ORGANZA & NET PETAL SKIRT PERFECT FOR TWIRLING IN: Each dress has a lovely skirt made from lots and lots of net petals in lovely colours and we add lots of iridescent sequins to really capture young imaginations.
  • A COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO WEAR FANCY DRESS COSTUME: Ensuring your child feels comfy in their costume is really important, so we added a few comfort features: The bodice of this lovely fairy costume is ruched with elastic so it will fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. There are no itchy appliques on the bodice so it won't irritate sensitive skin.
  • ADD THIS FANTASTIC HANDMADE PINK FAIRY COSTUME TO YOUR CHILD’S DRESSING UP BOX AND LET THEIR IMAGINATION RUN WILD! Children’s dressing up from Lucy Locket is all handmade so each piece will be unique. The Apple Blossom Fairy Dress is also machine washable making it a fun and practical addition to the fancy-dress box.