Magical Unicorn Money Box

by Wobbly Jelly

This beautiful glittery unicorn money box is a great way to help children learn about saving their pocket money.

What makes me special?
  • BEAUTIFUL UNICORN THEMED CERAMIC MONEY BOX FOR CHILDREN. This beautiful sparkly money box makes a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom and is the perfect place for little unicorn fans to save their pocket money. DIMENSIONS: 11cm x 9.5cm x 9.5 cm.
  • EACH CHILDRENS MONEY BOX IS HANDPAINTED AND FINISHED WITH GLITTER AND JEWELS. This gorgeous intricate money bank is completely hand painted so each one is unique and will differ slightly. With lots of glittery detail and mini jewels, this money box for girls and boys is super sparkly.
  • HAND SCULPTURED DESIGN. The original unicorn design was hand sculptured by a talented sculpturist and features a beautiful unicorns mane and a coin slot at the back.
  • EASY TO REMOVE MONEY AND THEN START SAVING ALL OVER AGAIN. There is a rubber bung in the base so money can easily be removed, and the piggy bank can be used over and over again.
  • TEACH CHILDREN ALL ABOUT SAVING MONEY. This beautiful colourful money box is a lovely way to teach children about saving money.

Unicorn fans will adore this money box and it makes a wonderful gift that is sure to be treasured. The magical unicorn design finished with shimmering glitter and jewel is sure to delight the imaginations of children and adults alike! This fabulous kids piggy bank is the perfect way to teach children about saving pocket money and it makes a lovely gift for a christening or special occasion that will be treasured for many years.